Health Maintenance Services

PetCura Animal HospitalInternal Medicine

To best protect your pet’s health and overall well-being, the team at PetCura Animal Hospital offers a broad range of veterinary services. While our focus is on disease prevention and wellness care, you can also rely on our skilled, compassionate medical staff when your pet is sick. To that end, an important part of our practice is the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases that can affect your pet’s internal organs and body systems.

We strive to take advantage of the rapid developments in veterinary technology, which are allowing for the utilization of procedures and courses of treatment that were before unavailable. We incorporate a litany of cutting-edge diagnostic tools, including our on-site laboratory, digital radiography services and ultrasound.

Our staff members regularly attend continuing education programs to refine their skills and expand their knowledge. The team at PetCura Animal Hospital also has access to a range of highly trained specialists, including radiologists, cardiologists, neurologists, and internal medicine specialists - all to provide your furry friend with the highest possible level of care, no matter their needs.

Allergy/Dermatology Services

Allergies are common in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. Allergies are typically due to fleas, but can also result from food or an inhaled irritant like dust or pollen. Most allergies appear after the pet is six months of age with the majority of affected dogs over age two. The most common symptom associated with allergies is itching of the skin, either localized or generalized. Other symptoms include respiratory distress (coughing, sneezing, and wheezing) or digestive problems causing vomiting, flatulence, or diarrhea.

Flea allergy is the most common allergy in cats. A normal cat experiences only minor skin irritation at the site of the bite. The flea allergic cat, on the other hand, has a severe, itch-producing reaction when the flea's saliva is deposited in the skin. Just one bite causes such intense itching that the cat may severely scratch or chew itself, leading to hair loss and open sores or scabs on the skin. The area most commonly involved is over the rump or base of the tail.

It is important to be able to identify the first signs and symptoms of allergies and dermatological conditions. These include:

If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, please make an appointment to have him or her seen at PetCura Animal Hospital. Dr. Mann will evaluate your pet, determine the most effective method of treatment, and explain how you can prevent future problems. If left untreated, allergic reactions and skin conditions can become serious medical concerns.

Our animal hospital works with Heska Laboratories and Idexx Laboratories to conduct allergy testing. After the testing process for your pet is complete, we will work to develop customized immune-therapy plans specifically catered to your companion’s needs. We will discuss with you every aspect related to the next steps in your pet’s treatment, which may include medication, environmental changes, a food trial, or prescription food for treatment.

PetCura Animal HospitalCancer Treatment

Receiving the news of your pet’s cancer can be devastating. The team at PetCura Animal Hospital understands the fear associated with this diagnosis, and so we do everything possible to ensure that we alleviate your concerns and identify the best possible course of treatment for your special companion.

Our animal hospital is fully equipped to perform surgical treatment of pet cancers. Benign (non-invasive, non-spreading) cancers in an accessible, well-defined area are almost always permanently cured by surgical removal, and surgery is also the best treatment for the majority of malignant cancers that have not yet spread (metastasized). Recovery from most surgery is rapid and post-surgical pain is controllable using appropriate medications.

In the event surgical treatment is not in your pet’s best interests, we will assist you in securing a referral to a highly trained oncological specialist.

Reproductive Services:

We offer pregnancy diagnosis, cesareans, dystocia in dogs and cats. Whether you’re an experienced breeder or breeding your pet for the first time, the staff at PetCura Animal Hospital can help during all phases of the breeding process, from initial planning and consultation through birth and post-natal nursing and management of associated diseases and complications.

We provide the following reproductive medical services for your pet:

PetCura Animal HospitalNutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet, along with fresh, clean water, is an essential ingredient for your pet’s overall good health. Pets may require special nutritional care for a variety of reasons, such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, urinary, or kidney problems. Weight-related ailments may results in common issues such as Type II diabetes, heart disease and arthritis, as well.

Feeding your pet the highest-quality food you can afford is one of the best ways you can contribute to his or her health and vitality. Although the differences between premium and budget varieties may not be apparent on their nutrition labels, they are in the quality of the ingredients. Both may contain the same amount of protein but be very different when it comes to digestibility and nutritional value. Making the best nutritional choices for your dog or cat not only effects general health, but will improve the quality and length of your pet’s life.

At PetCura Animal Hospital, we exclusively carry Hill's Science Diet. No matter your pet’s special circumstances, our staff can provide counseling to improve your pet’s nutrition and overall well-being.